About Me

"Hi There!"

I am a web designer and developer that specializes in making good experiences -- memorable. I'm a simple kind of gal that loves coffee, mountains, and always in the hunt for a good food truck!

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Web Design

My work can be summed up in two words; creative and effective. I develop quality websites that are user friendly with cutting edge technology. It is my endeavor to create or enhance websites to become effective, and vibrante experiences.

Web Development

I believe that websites should be built with consistency, and developed using clean code. I enjoy using and discovering modern frameworks to help my workflow. I believe in doing things right the first time, and coding in a way that is clear and understandable to any developer.

User Experience Design

I'm always looking for a way to put the user first. I believe that all things should be created with the user in mind. I love investigating how people think, and coming up with creative ways to appeal to them. I enjoy looking for ways to enhance usability, and creating delightful experiences.

Teacher | Mentor

In my spare time I love helping students grow in the tech industry. I am a teacher at Camp Basic held every summer in Atlanta for free. While I love creating beautiful experiences, I thoroughly enjoy teaching others how to create their own.

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